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Karvonite is a FREE persistence framework for the .NET Framework 2 and it focuses on the manipulation and persistence of .NET objects. This technology provides a new direction for how small to midsize applications can store and deploy data. Karvonite is not an O/R mapping tool for a very good reason. There is no relational world to map to. In Karvonite, object data is persisted to an object library. Karvonite persistence framework is well-suited for creating document centric applications (i.e., a word processor, a game-level editor, game editing tools, configuration files), storing game data, and other kind of applications where XML files are not enough and the horsepower of a SQL engine is unnecessary. * Non-invasive to your code * Visually define which classes and properties (in your code) you want to persist * Supports the .NET Compact Framework * Requires no interfaces or base classes for persisting objects * Supports most of the basic CLR types * Easy deployment Framework API with gradual learning curve and very low entry point * Future support for the Microsoft XNA Framework

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